Laurel Rebecca Terry
Cathy Cassandra Ruth
Laurel Winter (Recipient of the 2003 McKnight Award for Children's Fiction):
Rebecca Marjesdatter is the poetry editor for Tales of the Unanticipated
  • "The Owl Kingdom (for Pat Murphy)"
  • "remolding Paris to suite his dreams"
  • "After an Exhibition of Chihuly"
  • "Penelope's Shuttle" shown on a separate program
Terry A. Garey:
  • "Photons"(first published in Time Gum), shown on a separate program
  • "Mars Terraformed" (first published in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine)
  • "Experiment" (first published in Aurora)
  • "Stellar Embryology" (first published in Star*Line)
  • "Gravity Sucks" (first published in Star*Line)
Cathy Tenzo (previously Tacinelli):
K. Cassandra O'Malley:
  • "The Sunrise"
  • "Four Wind Poems"
  • "The teardrop spread"
  • "The Freeway of Heaven" (Science News 7/4/92)
Ruth Berman: